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The UnderGarden

Language: Eng, Ger, Fre | PC | Developer: Vitamin G Studios | Publisher: Atari |
Genre: Puzzle, Adventure
The UnderGarden is a brand new, highly immersive casual game designed to inspire, provoke, and hypnotize. Gameplay is simple, yet profoundly compelling. Your goal is to master your character’s unique abilities to explore the furthest-flung crannies of this vividly hypnotic realm. Only by stepping beyond what is known will you succeed in navigating vast subterranean networks to find your long-lost band mates and lead them safely to the surface.
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Publisher: Mamba Games
Developer: Tonuzaba
Genre: Adventure

An adventure by Gabriel Knight designer Jane Jensen. Mixing mystery and the supernatural, Gray Matter tells the story of neurobiologist Dr. David Styles. Since the death of his wife in a horrible accident several years earlier, Styles has adopted a reclusive lifestyle, spending his days inside his English country estate, Dread Hill House. Things take a turn for the interesting when American Samantha Everett, student and part-time street performer, becomes Styles’ assistant. After an innocent start, inexplicable events start to occur. Following visitations by Styles’ dead wife, the quest to uncover the mysteries of Dread Hill House begins. Players control both Dr. David Styles as well as Samantha Everett in their bid to uncover the secrets and find out the truth. While Dr. Styles research leads him into an investigation into the intricacies of the human mind, the player will have to tackle stage magic as Sam to solve puzzles.


* Classic mystery adventure game by famous adventure author Jane Jensen
* Dark story with eight chapters in the style of Gothic Novels
* 2 playable characters: Samantha and Dr. Styles
* Fascinating magic tricks as innovative gameplay element

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Genre: Puzzle
Developer: EA Bright Light
Publisher: EA Games
1.45 GB

Use your creativity and imagination to unlock a world of play! Create, the video game, tracks your creativity and rewards you for it. The more you create, the more you unlock rewards and exciting challenges to play, opening a world of fun as you go. Let your imagination run wild, as you create cool environments with easy-to-use tools, including animating objects, textures, and designs that bring your scene to life!

* Fun for the whole family Create is a unique experience that’s fun and easy for anyone to pick up and play
* Use powerful tools with thousands of stickers, brushes, textures, elements, animating objects, and more to create each scene any way you like
* In a game powered by your imagination that rewards you for being creative, unlock new tools, objects, fun challenges, and more
* Over 100 challenges to spark your imagination
* More than 10 fully customizable game environments

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