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Hunted The Demons Forge

Genre: Action RPG | Publisher: Bethesda Softworks | Developer:inXile entertainment

System Requirements
Minimum System Requirements

* OS: Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7
* CPU: Intel dual core 2 GHz or similar
* RAM: 2 GB
* HDD: 4 GB free disk space
* Graphics: 256 MB Graphics Memory
* Sound Card: DirectX 9 Compatible
* DirectX: Version 9

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Dungeons and Dragons Daggerdale

Year: 2011 | Eng, Rus | PC Game | Developer: Bedlam Games | Publisher: Atari

Genre: RPG (Rogue / Action) / 3D / 3rd Person

– Develop a hero to the classical system of Dungeons & Dragons
– 2 game modes – Campaign, and a free game
– Single and multiplayer modes
– Multiplayer mode with split screen
– Class 4 and 4 races for the main character

System requirements:
– Os: Windows XP SP3 / Windows Vista / Windows 7
– Cpu: Intel Core 2 Duo E4300 or AMD Athlon X2 4400 +
– Video: ATI Radeon HD 2900 or NVIDIA GeForce 8800
– Audio: Sound card compatible with DirectX 9.0
– Ram: 1 GB
– Hdd: 3,5 GB

Tron Evolution (2 DVD)

Genre: Arcade (Platform) / Racing (Futuristic) / 3D / 3rd Person
Year: 2010
Developer: Propaganda Games, SuperVillain Studios [PSP] and n-Space [DS]
Publisher: Disney Interactive Studios
Released: December 2, 2010
Platform: PC

Publication Type: license
Language: English, German, Spanish, Italian, French, Dutch

Description: Exciting action “Tron: The Evolution” will allow you to dive into the world of virtual reality, scored an impressive victory with devastating optical drive and learn the legendary svetotsikl. The game will reveal the events preceding the story of the new movie “Tron: The Legacy.” Different strokes and combos, skillfully combined with incredible mobility of the character – a movement among the towers and skyscrapers are involved elements of parkour. Fans will be able to fight online battles with skilled opponents over the Internet, and in each battle can take up to ten people.

– Explore the world of Tron, freely moving over the network during a grand adventure
– Engage in intense battles on svetotsiklah and svetotankah new ruthless enemies
– Join the 10 kinds of online games, without leaving the story mode, and battle for control of the gaming network

System requirements:
– Supported operating systems: Microsoft ® Windows ® XP SP3/Vista SP2 / 7
– Processor Intel ® Pentium ® D 3,0 GHz or AMD Athlon ™ 64 X2 3800 +
– 1 GB RAM (1.5 GB for Windows ® 7 / Vista)
– 10 GB of free hard disk space
– Video adapter NVIDIA ® 8800 GT or higher, ATI Radeon ™ HD 3870
– The sound device compatible with DirectX ® 9.0
– DirectX ® 9.0
– Device for reading DVD-ROM

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Genre: Action | Adventure

System requirements:
Operating System: Windows XP / Vista / 7
Processor: Intel Core2 Duo 1.8 GHz or AMD Athlon X2 3800 or better
Memory: 1 GB of RAM
Graphic: ATI Radeon X1800 or NVIDIA GeForce 7800 or better
Sound Card: Sound device compatible with DirectX 9.0
Hard Disk Space: 3.0 GB available
Peripherals: Xbox 360 Controller for Windows, Logitech Dual Action, Logitech Rumblepad 2
Other Requirements: Internet connection required

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Reload: Target Down 2010/ENG
Year: November 28, 2010
Genre: Action
Developer: Mastiff
Publisher: Mastiff
Platform: PC
Publication Type: License
Language: English

Description: Immerse yourself in the perfect simulation of weapons and tactics. More than 50 units actually existing is licensed weapons and apgreydiruemyh elements: use the best civil and heavy military weapons. Learn how to fire in any terrain and conditions: from shooting at the flying pigeon shooting range and a police station before flying helicopter to the Coast Guard and the Army all-terrain vehicle riding. A game without violence: Do you shoot only at targets-dummies. To participate can up to 4 players, supported by an online table of records.

The ultimate weapons and tactics simulator
50 plus actual, sponsored weapons and upgradeable equipment: Use the very best civilian and the heaviest military weapons
Learn to shoot everywhere from the skeet range to a police shoot house to out of a moving coast guard helicopter and army Humvee
Non violent: You shoot only targets
Up to four players competitive, online leaderboard

System requirements:
– System: Windows XP/Vista/7
– Processor: Intel Pentium 4@1.5 GHz / AMD Athlon XP 1500
– Memory: 1 GB
– Video: nVidia GeForce 6600 / ATI Radeon X1300 128 MB
– Sound: DirectX Compatible Soundcard
– Hard disk: 1 GB

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The next version of the world’s best online action. Combines an award-winning team shooter Counter-Strike with advanced technology Source ™. With the relevant latest developments and technical thought graphics, fully updated sound and realistic physics, Counter-Strike: Source simply must take pride of place in the collection of every fan of the genre “action.” Ladies and gentlemen! You no longer need to download gigabytes of files with each update Valve, we do everything for you. Just run the autopatcher. =)

Year: 2010
Genre: Action (Shooter) / 3D / 1st Person
Developer & Publisher: Electronic Arts
Platform: PC
Developer: Valve
Publisher: Valve

Publication Type: license
License: Freeware
Information for restoration: 3%
Size: 1.3 Gb

– Fixed UI issue causing Steam dialog boxes to be unreadable over certain backgrounds.
– Fixed a bug which allowed players to move the bomb with use when sv_turbophysics was enabled.
– Fixed a bug that caused crosshair to expand when attempting to fire an empty gun or when holding trigger on pistols.
– Players are no longer kicked for team killing during mp_spawnprotectiontime if mp_autokick is not enabled.
– Fixed a bug which caused incorrect FoV on zoomed sniper rifles after reload.
– Fixed FoV on wide-screen display modes.
Fixed a bug where the player crouching / standing animations were delayed until after (from the player’s local viewpoint).
– Changed the way that scope zooming works so that it is no longer affected by client-server latency, and zooming begins immediately for the local player. This fixes an issue that would give an advantage to lower ping players and penalize higher ping players.
– Fixed animation problem caused by aborting bomb plant by switching weapons (“crab walk”).
– Crosshairs now have customizable size, thickness, and color:
o cl_crosshairsize specifies the size of the crosshair in pixels at 640×480 resolution
o cl_crosshairthickness specifies the thickness of the crosshair in pixels at 640×480 resolution
o The crosshair now scales proportionately for all screen resolutions. This replaces the old scaling behavior, and the cvar cl_crosshairscale is no longer used. Players can revert to old crosshair behavior by setting cl_legacy_crosshair_scale to 1.
o Setting cl_crosshaircolor to 5 enables the use of custom crosshair colors, specified by cvars cl_crosshaircolor_r, cl_crosshaircolor_g, and cl_crosshaircolor_b.
o The default of cl_crosshairuseapha has been changed to 1. Alpha blending makes the crosshair much more visible on new HDR maps, and it is recommended that existing players enable this setting manually or through the options interface (Multiplayer-> Crosshair appearance-> Translucent).
o Cvar cl_legacy_crosshair has been renamed to cl_legacy_crosshair_recoil for consistency.
– Fixed inverted translucency preview on crosshair configuration panel.
– Fixed crash in custom maps using the trigger_camera entity
– Fixed a bug which caused incorrect zoom for a spectator watching a player with a sniper rifle.
– Fixed a crash that could occur if a player disconnected shortly after attacking a bot.

System requirements:
– Operating system: Windows ® XP / Vista / 7
– Processor: Pentium 4 2.8 GHz
– Memory: 512 MB
– Video card: 128 MB DirectX 9.0c compatible
– Sound Card: DirectX 9.0c-compatible sound card
– Free zheskom drive: 3 GB
– DirectX ® Version: DirectX 9.0c

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Genres: Action/Fighter
Developer: Treasure
Platform: PC

Feel like a real shinigami Kurosaki Ichigo and protect native city from invasion empty. The game is based on Arrankar arches, combined with other characters and enjoy a deadly battle. The new combat system, improved graphics and team battles. (25 characters in 1 of filler)

System requirements:
• Processor: Core2Duo\Core2Quad\i3\i5\i7\AMD Phenom II
• Video: Nvidia or Radeon 256 MB
• Memory: 1 GB or higher.
• Operating System: XP\Vista\Seven
• Hard disk: 1,3 GB

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Developer/Publisher: TimeGate Studios, Inc
Genre: Shooter

We all remember the landing on the planet brave space infantry in the game Section 8! Adventures of the brave men from the landing was not the end, they had continued the game Section 8: Prejudice! now it’s not just a network platform for mass murder – in front of us there was a qualitative fantastic game that has conceived a company with a good storyline.
Network mode is prettier, has added new modes and weapons. a few words about the picture: the developers tweaked the old engine and the war of the future is truly alive: Colorful explosions, flying past the body from the blast nice feast for the eyes. Special effects have grown at least on the head – now the explosions are more realistic and colorful. Guns in the arsenal also increased, which can not but rejoice. How successful a new game Section 8: Prejudice – time will tell, but to get acquainted with the new product is unique!

1. Register Games for Windows / X-Box – LIVE (
2. Join TimeGate (
3. Enter a password and login TimeGate (
4. Wait, come to the post code you enter in the Game for Windows Marketplace (
5. Once you entered the code, Game for Windows Marketplace will begin downloading the game itself, but not necessarily to do this, simply click “View keys, the key will be there LIVE

System requirements:
Video Card: 3D hardware accelerator card required – 100% DirectX ® 9.0c-compliant 256 MB video card and drivers
System: Microsoft ® Windows Vista ® with Service Pack 2 or Windows ® 7
Processor: Intel ® Core ™ 2 Duo 2.6 GHz or AMD Athlon ™ 64 X2 3800 + or better
RAM: 2 GB of RAM
Hard disk space: 3 GB of uncompressed hard disk space

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Genre: Action / 3D / 3rd Person
Developer: Beenox Studios and Griptonite Games [DS]
Platform: PC
Released: September 2010
Publisher: Activision

Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions – new game in the series of adventures Spider-Man. At this time we buried a story in four different world. The first of these – Amazing Spider-Man, which is a classic story of Peter Parker. The second world is darker – Spider-Man Noir. It is based on the dark days of 30s-40s of XX century, and there you will often hide in the shadows and attack enemies from behind. The Third World takes you into the distant future, where the battle against the evil taking place in the vast metropolis of skyscrapers unprecedented heights and flying cars. The last world, the hero of which is the Ultimate Spider-Man – all familiar reworking of the classic story.

“Through the space. Players get a unique opportunity to explore four fundamentally different universes, each of which is made in the original art style. For example, the world Magnificent (Amazing) recall the classic, familiar from childhood brightest comics of Spider-Man, and an exotic black and white Noir (Noir) make the plunge into a dark mysterious atmosphere.
“One for all and all for one. In the transition from one world to change not only the appearance of the hero and his abilities, but also the gameplay. If the classic Spider-Man prefers high-speed flights on the Web and fast powerful attack, his counterpart in the world of Noir relies on covert movement in the shadow silent and fast attack.
“A new round of games. For the first time in the history of games of Spider-Man at key points in battles with the bosses of the camera switches to first-person view that allows you to feel more acutely every moment of the battle.
“Sworn enemies. Players will meet with many known for villain of comic books and movies, including Craven Hunter (Kraven), Hammerhead (Hammerhead) and his henchmen, and, of course, Norman Osborn (Norman Osborn), he – Goblin.
“Justified risk. In the four universes of players are expected not only danger but also surprises – new skills, costumes and various bonuses.

System requirements:
* Operating system Windows 7/XP/Vista;
* Intel Pentium IV processor with a clock speed of 2.4 GHz / AMD 3500 +;
* 2 GB of RAM;
* Video Card NVIDIA GeForce 8800/ATI Radeon X1900;
* Sound card compatible with Direct X;
* DirectX 9;
* Keyboard and mouse.

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Developed: Centauri Production
Published: Bohemia Interactive
1.26 GB
Genre: First-Person / Shooter

John Mayer, the main hero of the game lives a careless life of an upstart in his native town – Snake City. Seemingly, he doesn’t lack anything, but the truth is that his dissolute and largely irresponsible lifestyle earned him very little respect from the local inhabitants, despite his huge fortune. Even the object of his amorous desires, pretty, devoted and sarcastic woman resists his undeniable charm and thick wallet (don’t forget: it’s still only a game!). For these reasons, even an experienced person would have a hard time deciding whether the hero’s glass of satisfaction is half full or half empty.

Unfortunately, the events start rolling fast and there is no time to deal with personal trouble. Professor Hoffman Vangele, a respected authority in a lot of complicated scientific areas and frequent, and we should add unsuccesful, visitor of patent office (‘I’m sorry, Mr Vangele, Mr Tesla has just been here with this’), decided to leave a permanent and indubitable trace of himself. This decision results in the city that is filled with bloodthirsty zombies, strangely mutated professor’s lackeys that terrorize decent inhabitants, and the federal government which doesn’t know what to do with the increasing problem.

The title Pound of Ground is really fitting. Don’t expect to find too much correctness, don’t look for anything academic: the main hero is in real trouble and that can only be countered with rough, uncompromising, strong action.
The game combines action elements – a wide range of advanced weapons, fights with various bosses and spectacular, endless battles with the crowds of the undead – with a gripping story full of unexpected disclosures and peculiar characters. It’s quite a thing to cruise the streets of Snake City and its surroundings in your supervehicle, that you tuned yourself, which slightly tips the scales in favour of your survival.

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