This release contains all the video lessons on a series of After Effects Tutorials that are far from the author Ergin Kuke.Ergin is creative director and co-founder of Angst VFX, an up and coming visual effects company in Los Angeles, CA.Ergin moved to Los Angeles from Albania in 2001 to be part of the Gn0m0n Certificate program. After finishing studies there, he has been a Lighting TD and Compositor at Sony Imageworks, Rhythm & Hues working on Polar Express, Zathura, Superman, Narnia, Beowulf etc. As a freelance artist in commercial boutiques, Ergin has worked at Digital Kitchen, Stardust, Engine Room, Brand New School, Superfad etc doing lighting and compositing on many commercial and music video projects. He has also developed concert visuals for Korn, Bon Jovi, 50 Cent, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Paul Oakenfold and more.

The Basics Part 1:
Ergin reviews interface basics, frame rates, resolution, bit depth, basic keyframing, timeline vs. node-based compositors, aspect ratio and more.
Duration: 69 minutes

The Basics Part 2:
Ergin continues his introduction and delves deeper into After Effects with an explanation of blending modes, filters, basic masking, adjustment layers and more.
Duration: 31 minutes

Ergin explains the rendering process in-depth and shows examples of common render settings.
Duration: 30 minutes

Track Mattes:
An introduction to using alpha channels and track mattes.
Duration: 13 minutes

An in-depth look at keyframing in After Effects.
Duration: 39 minutes

All you need to know about After Effects editing and shortcuts.
Duration: 5 minutes

Masking and Reflections:
In this tutorial Ergin uses masking, track mattes and fake reflections to create a unique television experience.
Duration: 8 minutes

This tutorial covers the basics of rotoscoping in After Effects.
Duration: 11 minutes

Time Stretch Remapping:
Time Remapping is the process of manipulating video and effects in your timeline in order to create dynamic compositions.
Duration: 14 minutes